Guest Post: The Night I Thought He Would Ask for My Number

Hello! I am so thrilled to be a guest blogger on Trice’s site.  I really enjoy Trice’s blog. It is very comical and relevant for us awkward girls.  I’ve known Trice since middle school and ever since then, we hit it off.  We are kindred spirits; I’m just a little more outspoken and daring from time to time. Anyways, like Trice, I have had my share of awkward encounters in the 26 years of my life. One being last night. . . . .

Occasion: Friend’s birthday kick back (house party)

Case: It was a nice little shindig full of people I didn’t know. I only knew 2 people, my close friend and the birthday girl. It was a great setting. So after a mean game of taboo and a few people left,   I was sitting with my close friend and she began to speak with a guy (very attractive might I add) who seemed like he was trying to leave but stayed to answer the questions. After she sparked up a Q&A, she so conveniently walked away while turning and winking at me.  She left us in the corner alone as he was standing looking around in front of me and I am sitting there thinking….. A W K W A R D ….  So you know what I do? I do what seems to be natural; I play cool and start asking him questions based off of what he told my friend. And then we began to have a nice conversation learning that there’s a common thing we share… the Love for the Lord. I asked him if he wanted to sit and he did. As I am talking to him, the whole time I am thinking, surely this man will ask for my number by the end of the night. He is pretty interesting and he seemed like he was interested in me…or was he?

The problem: After an hour or so, I start to scramble around the apartment to get my purse and say my goodbyes. I go back to where I was sitting and begin to dig through my purse to find my keys…The guy pulls out his keys as if he was leaving too. My close friend started to get ready as well because she was going to walk out to her car. At this point, I feel like things are going in slow motion. I pick up my purse after I find my keys and I look at him and he looks at me…and there is this long pause…so I shake his hand and I let him know it was nice to have met.  I turn toward the door and I am like what just happened? Again I say, A.W.K.W.A.R.D… this ending is not what I had in mind.

Walking out to the car I am baffled. My friend asks if I liked him, and I tell her yea but he didn’t ask for my number.  She then ends with “men are so slow.”

Okay I know what you are thinking…..why didn’t I ask for his number? Look, I know we are in a new era where women are doing the same thing men are doing (and sometimes better) and we are liberated and DOING IT honey, but you see, I am not that type of girl who will ask a man for his number. For my Martin fans, in my Sheneneh Jenkins’ voice “I’m a Lady.” I am pretty old fashion when it comes to dating…the guy will have to pursue and initiate things with me. I believe now that we have this new system of thinking, we are producing weaker men who don’t hunt any longer. Why should they?  Women are doing it for them.  So men have become immune to this new societal standard where women pursue and take the lead. Now I am not accusing said guy but could my thesis be a possibility? Or could it be that he really just wasn’t interested in me and I jumped to conclusions with this one. Either way, I still have the funny memory of the night I thought he would ask for my number.

Have you ever thought a guy would ask for your number but didn’t? Share your experience in the comments.







4 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Night I Thought He Would Ask for My Number

  1. Cara says:

    Ramona!!!! Boy do I have some good awkward dating tales…especially from dating and attempting to impress my now husband. Love this! And love you!

  2. Fe says:

    I love this blog…. Honey! Your a queen… Your husband is just lost! And who knows! Men are very slow! They just don’t get it!!

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