Nothing Can Brighten A Dreary Day Like A Slice of Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Don’t you have that one dish you love that just makes all the B.S of life worth it? Maybe it’s your Grandma’s mac and cheese or an over-iced vending machine cinnamon roll, whatever it is, when you take a bite a smile instantly finds itself plastered on your face. For me nothing can brighten a dreary day like a slice of my Chocolate Hazelnut Cake!!

I came up with this “recipe” during my sophomore year in college. I was doing a microwave cooking program for my dorm and needed a way to spice up the rather boring and dry cake I made. Trust me when I say this cake was a hit on my floor. Its the perfect combination of every college girl’s favorite things. Chocolate and Cake. Also I mean who really needs an excuse to use a whole jar of Nutella.

Now  this cake is obviously very semi homemade. Just like Sandra Lee, I don’t have time or patience for baking from scratch. One day I will be that borderline pretentious domesticated woman. Until then me and Duncan Hines are besties.

Honestly I think box cake mix gets a bad rep for no reason. Its almost fool proof. It always taste good if you follow the directions, you can’t say the thing for cakes from scratch.  Plus it makes this super yummy cake and puts a smile on my face. What more could a girl ask for?

So I want to know what is your “go-to pick me up, makes me want to scream with joy” dish?

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