Typically by age 25 you have lived life, you’ve made mistakes and learned lots of valuable lessons. You’ve cultivated great relationships and your career is already on a path to success. Generally, by this age you know who you are; you’ve already gone through that journey of self-discovery. Basically, you have your life together, right? Well, that’s not my story. You see I’m a late bloomer. For the past 25 years I’ve been floundering around waiting for life to start. There are so many experiences I just haven’t witnessed yet. I’m still the ugly duckling waiting to become a swan.

Now you’re probably thinking, “OOOHHH NOOO this is just another 20 something crying about her un-perfect life.” Well you’re wrong; this isn’t your typical quarter life crisis sob story… Actually it kind of is, but I have learned to find the comedy in my own naivety. It’s kind of hard to be as awkward as I am and not develop a sense of humor. However, despite my current struggle-fest of a reality, I know I have the potential for greatness.

So basically, this story is about a somewhat misguided awkward late bloomer’s journey to self-discovery. I’m just trying to play catch up and figure out what the heck I’m doing with my life.

I am excited to share this chapter of my life with all of you. Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back soon!

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