Good For Them! (I Don’t Care…)


(Conversations with my mother)

Mom: Hi! Did you hear (random kid I went to school with) got a job at (random awesome place with high paying salary)?
Me: Really? That’s great.
Mom: Yeah! Did you see on Facebook that (random cousin I don’t talk to who recently got divorced) is engaged?
Me: Oh really.
Mom: Also (random girl who goes to her church that knows the third cousin of someone I know) just had a baby. She’s so cute!
Me: Good for them! (I dont care..)


Maybe it comes with age. Maybe I missed the memo and this is the type of conversation every twenty-something around the world is having with their parents.  Call me selfish, but I have my own life to worry about.The last thing I want to hear about is how Suzy Q is on husband number 2 and I can’t even get a 2nd date. Or how the grade school overachiever is on their way to financial success and I’m just setting up my first savings account. Why do parents think we want to hear about the lives of every Joe Schmo?

Perhaps this is their way of dropping subtle hints. I know my parents mean well and their intentions aren’t to add any additional pressure. However, when it’s just me on the other end of the conversation my brain’s first reaction is to compare myself to that person. If there’s one thing I hate most in life, it’s comparing myself to others, but Its something I find myself doing often. I start thinking, well why is that not happening to me. Am I not working hard enough? What do I need to change? Honestly, the whole self analysis thing is draining. It takes up so much of my energy I really don’t have any left to actually give a care about someone else’s life.

So from on I really need my conversations with my parents to go a little something like this:

Mom: Hi! How are you doing?
Me: Fine… (Long rant about MY life)
Mom: Everything will be OK!

The End.

Am I the only one with this problem? Are your parents constantly telling you about the events in other people’s lives that you could care less about?




How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends

Starting a conversation has never in a skill I possessed. I get all nervous and clammy, then idiotic words flow from my mouth.

Just the other day I was at the grocery store buying some ice cream and some feminine products(the joys of being a girl). As the cashier was ringing up my purchases she said, “oh my gosh I love these”. Since ‘these’ is the plural term, obviously I figured she was talking about the hygiene products. Me being a genius and all, I simply responded “I know they absorb really well”. Before the words were finished flowing out off my tongue I quickly wanted to snatch them back into my mouth.

If I was pale, my face would have been red. Actually I think my face was red. Awkwardness can’t even describe what just happened. I think she was going to tell me she was actually talking about the ice cream but I was way too uncomfortable to continue the conversation. I quickly paid and scurried the heck out of there, wishing the last minute and a half had never taken place.

After that embarrassing conversation I thought it might be a wise idea to read the book I bought from Half Price Books about a month ago. It’s called How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends. Originally I bought the book thinking this may be funny, plus it was only a dollar. Now I realize in my current situation this book is a God send.


According to the book there are three components to a conversation, body language, tone of voice and words. GREAT! Just my luck, considering I have so much trouble trying to find the right words to say, now I also have to worry about my tone and body language. Hmmmm, that seems like a lot of multi-tasking…

Seriously, I envy the people who can just randomly start a great conversation with anyone nearby. I mean, where did they learn this skill and how can I play catch up? Conversation skills are something that should to be taught in our schools. Hopefully, kids these days wont grow up to be mid 20 year-old’s trying to figure out the basics of a proper conversation.

I mean why do conversations have to be so complicated? That’s the questions of the year. Any ideas? Please share your thoughts below.