What’s The Floundering?

So you saw the blog title and you are a little confused. You are probably thinking whats the floundering? What does that even mean? Trust me I get it. When naming this blog I realized that floundering was not a word in most peoples vocabulary. Honestly it wasn’t even in mine until I saw it in my trusty thesaurus. I was looking for a  creative word to describe me. Besides being a late bloomer the one word I would use to describe me is awkward. Constantly, I find myself  the most awkward situation and conversations. Pretty much I am Awkward Black Girl only difference is my name isn’t Jaye and I can’t rap. Anyway, back on subject. I looked up the word awkward in the thesaurus hoping to find that one synonym that would give the perfect blog title. Then there it was the second to last word.  It just jumped of the page at me. Actually, I’m pretty sure it was  blinking and glowing  as if Ghostwriter (Best TV show of the 90′s) had discovered a new clue. It was the perfect word.

flounder1  vb (intr)

1. to struggle; to move with difficulty, as in mud
2. to behave awkwardly; make mistakes
n. the act of floundering
[probably a blend of founder2 + blunder; perhaps influenced by flounder2]
Usage: Flounder is sometimes wrongly used where founder is meant: the project foundered  (not flounderedbecause of a lack of funds


Flounder perfectly describes my life thus far. I have been struggling to find my place and its been a difficult journey. I’ve made tons of mistake in my quarter century here on Earth and as mentioned  above I’m one of the most socially awkward people I know.

So all in all (so cliche), the floundering is my awkward stuggle-fest journey through life and awesomeness.


One thought on “What’s The Floundering?

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