In Case You Wanted to Know: 25 Facts About Me


I know you all are just dying to know me just a little bit better. Here are 25 facts about me!

  1. I hate being hot but I live in Houston
  2. I slept with a night light until my freshman year in college
  3. I can drink cranberry juice everyday of my life and never get sick of it
  4. I hate the color pink
  5. My favorite candy is a Kit-Kat bar
  6. I lived in Nashville for 4 years and I miss it everyday
  7. I lived in Los Angeles for 6 months and I miss it every other day
  8. I hate McDonald’s but I secretly love Chicken McNuggets
  9. When I was a kid I used to be scared that I would get sucked down the bathtub drain.
  10. I am terrified of clowns
  11. School Mascots kind of creep me out
  12. I have a large arch in my back and no arch in my feet… everyday is opposite day
  13. I will always be Team BSB in the boyband war
  14. I went to a performing arts high school but I refuse to sing in front of people
  15. I have a slight case of road rage… I really just want people to drive with purpose, leave the cruising to country roads.
  16. I love every Amanda Bynes movie
  17. Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat scares me
  18. My eyelashes naturally curl
  19. Seuessical is my favorite Musical
  20. Despite the common myth, growing up as an only child actually sucks
  21. I wear pearls almost everyday of my life
  22. I have horrible handwriting
  23. I’ve tried blogging multiple times but I never made it past the first 2 or 3 post
  24. I love to paint but I can’t draw to save my life
  25. I love all my readers old and new!

Thanks for reading!



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