Music City Music

When I moved back to Nashville one thing I was excited about was all the great opportunities there are to hear great live music. Over the past couple of years unfortunately I haven’t taken full advantage of the talent that is in or comes to Nashville. As you know part of my 30 before 30 bucket list I set out to see 30 concerts this year. Here is a quick update of some of the shows I have been to.

Gospel Showcase at Belmont University

Candice Glover

Fisk Jubliee Singers

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First time seeing the Jubilee Singers!

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Gladys Knight

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Jon Mclaughlin

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Jon Mclaughlin

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New Restaurant Alert: Vittles Donelson

Living away from home sometimes you get homesick and just want something that reminds you of a familiar place. Back in Houston I loved waking up on Saturday’s and eating breakfast with my parents at a local diner called TelWink.  The service is always great and the food is so amazing you are willing to wait in a line that wraps around the restaurant. So last Saturday I was on the quest to find a no frills breakfast spot that would remind me of home.

I decided to try Vittles in Donelson. It is quaint and in an unassuming strip mall. While there was no line out the door it got good reviews on Yelp, so why not give it a shot. I chose to kept the meal simple and just order your basic eggs, sausage and grits. Ya’ll know how I feel about grits, so this was a test to see how good the restaurant actually was. If you cant cook grits you might as well shut down. The food came rather quickly and was nice and hot. Everything tasted good including the grits! While Vittles is definitely no TelWink it was still fairly good.

If you’re looking to grab breakfast in Nashville give Vittles a try.

New Restaurant Alert: BLVD Nashville

Back when I was in college Belmont Blvd only had a quaint little coffee shop,a Circle K gas station, a little Asian market, a not so great Greek restaurant and, an under rated Asian fusion spot. There wasn’t much traffic behind the college students and a few neighborhood peeps. Well boy have times changed. With the growth of Nashville, Belmont Blvd was definitely not left out of the revitalization.  Everyone was finally hipped to Asian fusion and realized how amazing PM was. That Greek place was torn down and  2 new trendy restaurants were built.

A few weeks while visiting my alma mater  I decided to try one of those new trendy spots.  Out of the two we chose BLVD. The restaurant was cute and a perfect mixture of hipster flare and southern charm. We decided to order the deviled eggs as an appetizer because who doesn’t love deviled eggs.  But let me tell you these were not your Granny’s eggs. While they were definitely lacking a creaminess the bacon and mustard seeds were a nice touch.

For my meal I went with the braised short rib, the swiss chard and the bacon parmesan brussel  sprouts. While the chard was in this red sauce that was a bit pungent, everything else was a hit. The short rib with super tender and flavored well. The sprouts are destined to make anyone a believer! Even if you aren’t a fan of brussel sprouts trust me when I say you would enjoy these. Overall I really enjoyed BLVD and will definitely be back.

My First Tattoo

Well y’all I did it! I got my first (probably only) tattoo. I have thought about getting this done for a while now but was always too chicken to do it. Mainly because I knew it would hurt but also because I wanted to be really sure this is what I wanted. Since, I am not a big tattoo fanatic I knew whatever I got had to be small, dainty, and most importantly meaningful.

I chose to get the word agape tattooed on my left hand ring finger. Some may think it is cliche but for me it held several different meanings. Agape, means love in Greek. But not just any kind of love it is the unconditional type of love that God and your family has for you. It’s also a reminder to me that love is possible and that I am loved. So often I feel love is overrated and not attainable but reality is I am already loved by God and family. I also chose my left ring finger because it is the avenue that possibly one day I will showcase my unconditional love and commitment to someone.


New Restaurant Alert: Judge Beans BBQ

Since moving to Tennessee I have been on a search for good bbq. Nice and tender smoked meat with good flavor.  However, so far that has been hard to find. I was super excited to try Judge Beans located in Brentwood that describes itself as Texas bbq in Tennessee.

I brought along my best friend who also happens to be a Texas transplant to give them a try. We walked in and could smell the smoke which is always a good sign! The place was quaint and decked out with Texas memorabilia. The staff was friendly and well right at home.

Being that I am from Texas I knew I wanted the brisket but there were so many other items I wanted to try on the menu. I decided to order one of the sampler platters and try the brisket, ribs and sausage. As sides, I got the  green beans and fried okra. Now for how it tasted…


It did have a smokey flavor which was appreciated. However, the brisket was bit dry, the ribs were ok, the sausage tasted like hot dogs.  Now typically, I’m not that much of a bbq sauce kind of girl but sometimes its need. This time though the sauce  just didn’t cut it. It had an overwhelming amount of vinegar in it. The taste was almost off putting. Not a fan.

I wanted to love Judge Beans put in my humble Texan opinion it was simply just alright.

30 before 30: Update

Over the last couple of months I’ve been busy checking off items on my  bucket list. This has been such a fun experience and I feel like I’m finally living life. For so long I talked about doing different things but never actually got up and did them. If I have learned anything so far is do wait to try new things. Just go out and do it. Life is short.

So let’s get to the fun stuff and  do a quick recap on what I’ve done so far.

So far I have been to  2 of 30 concerts.I went to see Ruby Amanfu and Dynamo. Both shows were awesome! Just out snippets below

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Ruby Amanfu!

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Checking another item off my list I even took a train ride to the Dynamo concert. 


A few weeks ago on a rainy Saturday I had a movie day with my best friend and watched Gone With the Wind. Now when people quote the movie I’m not as clueless to what they are talking about lol.

New Restaurant Alert: Subcluture Urban Cafe

Every once in while you luck up and find gems in your own neighborhood. And boy was I excited to find Subculture.  Its a quaint little cafe in a very unassuming strip mall but the food as a lot of personality.  The menu while not extensive has a mixture of  Latin street food with typical American food. Plus it has cool coffee bar for a little hipster flair.

I decided to try their Churrasco Sandwich and  their beef empanada.  It was so so good.  The sandwich came with tender steak topped with chimichurri, tomato, avocado, and a fried egg. Dude! Sign me up for anything topped with a fried egg.  The empanada I ordered was equally as amazing. Lots of flavor and the dough was soft and flaky.



If you’re ever in the South Nolensville/ “Brentioch” area I highly recommend giving Subculuture a try.


Budgets and Savings Accounts: Tips on How to Save When You Really Want to Spend


I like to spend money. I love to shop. I hate trying on clothes, but I love to shop nonetheless. I actually find extreme joy in bringing home a new item. Whether its from the dollar store or Macy’s, I enjoy bring home something new Now, I’m not the type of spender that purchases $500 or $600 items just because but I find that I often nickel and dime my account. Before I know it I have already spent several hundred dollars.

For my 30 before 30 bucket list I set out to save $1000 before December 16, 2017. So far I am  well on my way to goal. Here 3 easy tips I have found that help me save money when I really want to spend it.

Tip 1: Find a Hiding Spot

Some hide money under their mattress or a shoe box, for me I chose to hide my money in a savings account. What ever works for you find a spot where you can stash the extra cash.  Leaving money directly in your possession will be an ultimate temptation for you to spend it.

Tip 2: Out of Sight Out of Mind

For me I remember every time I directly transfer money to my savings account. In the back of mind I’m just loaning that money out and soon I’ll get it back. However, if the funds are out sight out of mind I don’t even realize my money is being stashed away. I have found utilizing my direct deposit at work to be the easiest way to achieve this.  I have $40 a paycheck being directly sent to a savings account. Often I don’t even notice the money missing from my paycheck. I just got used to the new normal.

Tip 3: Pay Yourself First

Recently we just got  our bonus.  While I planned to use the money to pay some bills if I have learned anything about managing your fiance is to  pay yourself first.  Paying bills is important but setting aside money and having a savings will be more beneficial in the long run.

What are your top money saving tips? 

Ten Years Later

This past weekend was my 10 year high school reunion. It’s hard to believe it has been that many years since I was in high school. Sometimes it feels like it was just the other day we were walking the halls dreaming about where life would take us.  While we are all in a much different place in our lives, personalities had not changed much. It seemed like we all just grooved right back into status quo.

This wasn’t a bad thing, though. The typical anxiety you see people having in the movies was far from reality. It was rather nostalgic and far from the awkwardness I just knew we would experience. There were tons of laughs, drinks and drag shows. Plus I got to reconnect with some dear old friends. I’d say it was a success!  Just check a few of my favorite pictures from the reunion.

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High school reunion #hspva2006reunion

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Only at PVA! #hspva2006reunion

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Things I Just Don’t Understand


  1. People who don’t use their blinker when turning
  2. People who turn on their blinker 5 blocks before their turn
  3. Straight men with perfectly arched eyebrows
  4. Dallas Cowboy fans
  5. Cherry flavored anything.  ( That’s like Robitussin flavored food)
  6. Guys with their girlfriends in their Tinder picture
  7.  Girls with beauty mark piercings #THOTDots
  8. Tights with stirrups  and why people are still wearing them in 2016
  9. Why Uber can legally hike up the price 300% during peak times
  10. People who purposely spell “what’s up” as “wats up”
  11. Trump supporters
  12. Well done steak
  13. Why Kandi never checks Mama Joyce
  14. Why is it so hard to find the perfect foundation shade
  15. Why don’t I have enough time to read all the book I want to read
  16. Chunky highlights
  17. Why gel manicures cost more than acrylics
  18. Why Mr Right doesn’t just show up at my front door
  19. Colored Contacts
  20. Why bananas ripen so fast