Getting Back to Happy Month/ Giveaway

As many of you may know recently I had an emotional breakdown earlier this week. During that time happiness was the last thing on my mind, but today is a new day. Actually its a new month! So I decided to make the month of May all about getting back to happy.

During this month I will be celebrating all the things and people who make me happy. Join me in this journey of springtime bliss!

To kick things off I decided to do my very first GIVEAWAYYYY (in my Oprah voice)!!!!!!!!


This month I will be giving away some of my favorite things each week. Yes, that correct, a month full of giveaways, how exciting!!!

The first item I am giving away is an Ellen Tracy Blue Baroque Journal with pen. Anyone who knows me knows I love a good journal to jot down new ideas or to make a new to-do list. I got this exact same journal just a few weeks ago and I love it! It has a great hard back cover with a handy attached pen. I love not having to dig around my handbag looking for a writing utensil.



If you would like to win the Ellen Tracy Journal all you have to do is follow the simple instructions below.

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1. Like The Floundering on Facebook

2. Leave a comment on our Facebook page about 1 thing that makes you happy.

 The winner will be chosen at random & announced on Sunday, May 6th