Never Have I Ever: Brunch Edition

The first item to check off my Never Have I Ever checklist was a brunch in Houston’s Midtown. Yep, this was my first actual legitimate brunch. Finally for the first time I was able to release my inner Carrie Bradshaw and sip early cocktails  on the outdoor patio of a posh midtown restaurant.  We went to this fabulous restaurant called Cyclone Anaya’s. It’s nice a Mexican restaurant on the corner with as mentioned above an infamous sidewalk patio. They had bottomless Mimosas and Poinsettias which I was totally excited about!  Instead of the typical mimosa we both had the Poinsettias; decided to try something new since neither one of us had one before. With my drink I also enjoyed their Crab Cake Florentine, which I highly recommend. Its two crab cakes made with spinach,  topped with poached eggs and a jalapeno hollandaise sauce (they should bottle that stuff), served with a red cabbage slaw. I also ordered a side of their chipotle roasted potatoes which were equally as tasty.

To accompany my amazing meal I enjoyed catching up with an old friend and some epic people watching. I have to say my first brunch was a major success.


cyclone anaya's