The Ultimate Guide to Packing For a Big Move


Packing is a tedious process that requires master organization. Whether its for a trip or for a big move, packing is something absolutely NO ONE enjoys; me being at the top of that list. Considering that in the last 8 years I have moved 6 times, one would think I obviously enjoy it, but packing still gives me the blues. However, over the year I have learned to appreciate a properly packed box and gained tons of valuable knowledge on the subject of packing.

Since sharing is caring, today I am going to share with you all some of my packing tips

The Ultimate Guide to Packing For a Big Move

General Tips

  • Aim for a maximum weight of 50 pounds per box to make it easier to handle.
  • Make sure boxes are firmly packed to avoid rattling or having the boxes bend inward.
  • Layer boxes with the heaviest items on the bottom and the lightest on top.
  • Try to avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box
  • Boxes should always be sealed with packing tape, avoid interlock moving box tops.
  • Label every box with specific room it belong in and list its contents on the side

Fragile Items

  • Wrap fine china, crystal, glass and delicate items individually in tissue paper or bubble wrap. Try to avoid newspaper because the ink can stain items
  • Use towels or lightweight blankets to wrap larger delicate items such as mirrors
  • Wrap all artwork in paper or bubble wrap. Do not place in boxes with any other sharp items to avoid possible tears in art.
  • Cushion boxes with crushed paper, towels or blankets to help avoid fragile items from shifting
  • Label boxes “FRAGILE” and “ THIS SIDE UP”


  • Layer large flat dishes such as plates and platters on the bottom of the boxes. Proceed to fill box according to size and shape. Place all flat items on the lower level with objects like bowls on top.
  • Use cell pack box dividers when packing glassware. Place wrapped glasses in each cubby. Glasses can be stacked inside one another, if necessary.
  • When packing flatware sort all like items and place into Ziploc bags or wrap the bundle in paper then tape to secure
  • An easy and safe way to pack knives, is to place them in a small container before placing in boxes. Use a container that cannot be easily punctured. Make sure all knife points are facing the same direction and the lid of the container is secured with tape.

Electronics/ Appliances

  • Remove batteries from appliances before packing.
  • Place all components in the same container with electronic item
  • If still available pack all electronics in their original boxes.
  • Wind all electrical cords and chargers then fasten so the will not tangle
  • Wrap TVs and monitors in large blankets or quilted furniture pads then secure it with tape
  • Empty liquids from small appliances like irons, steamers and coffee pots

Clothing/ Bedding

  • Use wardrobe boxes and suitcases to pack clothing items
  • Pack your out-of-season and used infrequently items first.
  • In order to save space, it’s ok leave blankets, sweaters, towels and similar lightweight materials in dresser drawers.

Happy Packing!


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