Big Girl Job

Your first “Big Girl Job” is a rite of passage. It’s the start of a new beginning. The start of legitimacy. This is the job that is going to shape your career. As you walked across the graduation stage this job is exactly what was on your mind. You are excited to send out applications and honored to be called in for an interview. Some of us get the ever so revered job right away while others spend time trying to find the right path. The process of obtaining your Big Girl Job can be stressful, discouraging, and disheartening but it is so worth it when you finally get it. You are so excited to start the beginning of your future you can’t wait to tell everyone about your awesome new opportunity!



I just got my first real big girl job!

Finally, at age 26, this late bloomer has reached a milestone and gotten the job that I’ve dreamed about for so long. A real legitimate Big Girl Job. Sure I’ve had other “legitimate” jobs before, but none have been quite as adult as this one. About a year ago  I accepted a semi-big girl job. It was far from a dream, but a position in my field, and I was excited to learn. This job required me to wear a super tacky uniform, work 50+ hours a week and I got NO health benefits. Definitely not a big girl job but it was a good start and I believe it was the perfect stepping stone for this position.

As I begin this new journey. I am ecstatic about the new possibilities ahead. A few months ago when I didn’t get the Dallas job I must admit I was a bit discouraged, The fear of never being good enough tried to embed itself in my brain. But after a lot of prayers and a little perseverance, I now see the sunny future casting its light brightly on the Cumberland River just pass the Broadway Honky Tonks.

Did you catch that hint?


Go back and read it again… (Keywords: Cumberland River and Honky Tonks)

Got it!



I am sooooooo happy to announce I am moving to……



Yep, my new Big Girl Job is located in Nashville, TN.This town has always held big piece of my heart and after spending a little over 4 years away I am so excited to be moving back to my second home.

Stay tuned to hear more about my new job, the big move and the blossoming of this late bloomer.




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