Quarter Life Crisis Relapse

I have relapsed…. Yep, my quarter life crisis is back and with a vengeance this time.

^ I wrote that almost two weeks ago, but I couldn’t seem to find the rest of the words to accompany that thought.

This morning I logged onto my computer half halfheartedly determined to finish this post when I some how found myself on YouTube.

Staring right in front of me was a recommended video called Quarterlife Crisis Musical. I must admit I was a little creeped out by the mere fact that YouTube obviously has some sort of mind reading abilities. Seriously, how else would they know about my dilemma and undying love for musicals? Hmm well maybe its all of those Shoshana Bean, Katie Thompson, Jonathan Reid Gealt and Scott Alan videos I watch. Nonetheless, I was shocked to see the suggestion and intrigued enough to spend 3 mins of my life figuring out what this video was all about.

After the first 20 secs I was convinced that this video was a God send. It said, better yet sung, everything I wanted to say when I started this post two weeks ago. So instead of trying to regurgitate the words, I thought it was best I let them deliver the message for me.

Check out the Quarterlife Crisis Musical below, you wont regret it!!