Never Have I Ever: Vegan Edition

I’ve gone my whole life being a proud carnivore, but somehow I allowed myself to be talked into this 40 day vegan challenge for the Lenten season. Already 3 days in and so far so good,but I must say being vegan takes serious work. The amount of planning is no joke. If I forget to pack a lunch I can’t just go anywhere and grab something.

Yesterday, I was running errands and decided to get lunch at Luby’s (It’s just like Piccadilly for you none Texas people). I wanted hot food everything I had been eating was raw or cold, but that was not an easy task. Almost EVERY vegetable had meat and or animal product in it. The cabbage had bacon, the green beans had bacon, the beans had… yep you guessed it bacon. The roasted potatoes had butter, the corn had butter, the mashed potatoes had butter and other dairy like ingredients. So I have a delectable lunch of under-steamed broccoli and spinach (which probably had butter in it too but I won’t worry about it now).

I don’t miss meat, but I do miss animal products. Where as other people on this challenge are craving meat, I’m craving eggs and cheese.

I'd give my pinky finger for a spinach frittata right now.

I’d give my pinky finger for a spinach frittata right now.

If you are vegan or have been vegan, I need your help. What are your favorite recipes? Any tips I can use over the next 37 days?


One thought on “Never Have I Ever: Vegan Edition

  1. Amanda Nicole says:

    I would take a step down from Vegan and do a variation of Vegetarian. I was a vegetarian for 6 months before I moved to Missouri. I cut out all meats but fish, and cut down on my dairy. While I love the idea of Veganism, I found it very hard to work in enough protein into my diet on that plan. That’s my fault really, because I am very picky about what I eat. I have been thinking I might return to my Vegetarian ways, but I don’t want to torture my meat and bacon loving boyfriend with salads and meat substitute.

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