Never Have I Ever: Vegan Edition

I’ve gone my whole life being a proud carnivore, but somehow I allowed myself to be talked into this 40 day vegan challenge for the Lenten season. Already 3 days in and so far so good,but I must say being vegan takes serious work. The amount of planning is no joke. If I forget to pack a lunch I can’t just go anywhere and grab something.

Yesterday, I was running errands and decided to get lunch at Luby’s (It’s just like Piccadilly for you none Texas people). I wanted hot food everything I had been eating was raw or cold, but that was not an easy task. Almost EVERY vegetable had meat and or animal product in it. The cabbage had bacon, the green beans had bacon, the beans had… yep you guessed it bacon. The roasted potatoes had butter, the corn had butter, the mashed potatoes had butter and other dairy like ingredients. So I have a delectable lunch of under-steamed broccoli and spinach (which probably had butter in it too but I won’t worry about it now).

I don’t miss meat, but I do miss animal products. Where as other people on this challenge are craving meat, I’m craving eggs and cheese.

I'd give my pinky finger for a spinach frittata right now.

I’d give my pinky finger for a spinach frittata right now.

If you are vegan or have been vegan, I need your help. What are your favorite recipes? Any tips I can use over the next 37 days?


Never Have I Ever: Austin Edition

I have lived in Texas for about 22 years of my life, Houston to be exact, but for some reason I have never been to Austin. Why is that surprising? It’s the freaking state capital! Wasn’t I supposed to go on some school field trip or educational family trip when I was a child?


Anyway, as they say better late than never.

Recently, my best friend/ little sister (its a sorority thing) from college came down to Texas from Tennessee to visit her family for the Holidays. Since we haven’t seen each other in nearly four years, it was a absolute must we take advantage of this opportunity.  So I drove the 3 hours to Austin for an epic and educational weekend.

We had a nice stay at the Omni Southpark Hotel. Right off Hwy 71. It’s an older Omni hotel definitely, not as posh as the downtown location, but it’s certainly a step up from the Motel 6’s of the world. Only major con- no free wifi…

omni south park


The first night we had tickets to check out Movie vs Movie, an improv show at the Coldtowne Theater. The tickets were uber cheap, just $4, plus they had free margaritas (YES PLEASE!). The location was smaller than small but I could see it being a hotspot for Austin’s elite breed of hipsters. The moment we walked in it was painfully obvious we were outsiders. One would think living in hipster central Nashville for so long, I would have  at least become an honorary hipster, nope.  Hmmm, if only I would have worn a graphic v-neck t-shirt or plaid. Oh well next time I will be prepared.  Now for the show, it was funny. I wasn’t hip enough to understand every joke and some of it was painfully silly but it was funny nonetheless. If you are in Austin, be sure to check it out.


We spent our Saturday doing all of the typical Austin touristy location. We enjoyed tours at the Capitol and the Bob Bullock Texas History museum.  Plus a visit to the infamous Greetings from Austin Mural.


austin mural

Victoria mural

Even though it was a short visit and rainy for a good portion of the time, I must say I really enjoyed my visit. I hope to return to the great city of Austin soon!

Never Have I Ever: Brunch Edition

The first item to check off my Never Have I Ever checklist was a brunch in Houston’s Midtown. Yep, this was my first actual legitimate brunch. Finally for the first time I was able to release my inner Carrie Bradshaw and sip early cocktails  on the outdoor patio of a posh midtown restaurant.  We went to this fabulous restaurant called Cyclone Anaya’s. It’s nice a Mexican restaurant on the corner with as mentioned above an infamous sidewalk patio. They had bottomless Mimosas and Poinsettias which I was totally excited about!  Instead of the typical mimosa we both had the Poinsettias; decided to try something new since neither one of us had one before. With my drink I also enjoyed their Crab Cake Florentine, which I highly recommend. Its two crab cakes made with spinach,  topped with poached eggs and a jalapeno hollandaise sauce (they should bottle that stuff), served with a red cabbage slaw. I also ordered a side of their chipotle roasted potatoes which were equally as tasty.

To accompany my amazing meal I enjoyed catching up with an old friend and some epic people watching. I have to say my first brunch was a major success.


cyclone anaya's






Never Have I Ever

At high school sleepovers and college parties the game Never Have I Ever is almost a rite of passage. There is nothing more exciting than a group of friends  sitting around giggling about all of their crazy life experiences. Its a game full of peer pressure and fun. Its also the one game I have always won!


Mainly because I haven’t done anything. My life thus far has been about as interesting at a piece of Melba Toast.

Well this late bloomer has made it a mission to finally get out the house and explore life. I am proud to announce my first ever segment!! My goal is to try 2 new experiences each month that I will be detailing  in this section.

If you have any ideas of things I should try be sure to leave a comment below.