New Restaurant Alert: BLVD Nashville

Back when I was in college Belmont Blvd only had a quaint little coffee shop,a Circle K gas station, a little Asian market, a not so great Greek restaurant and, an under rated Asian fusion spot. There wasn’t much traffic behind the college students and a few neighborhood peeps. Well boy have times changed. With the growth of Nashville, Belmont Blvd was definitely not left out of the revitalization.  Everyone was finally hipped to Asian fusion and realized how amazing PM was. That Greek place was torn down and  2 new trendy restaurants were built.

A few weeks while visiting my alma mater  I decided to try one of those new trendy spots.  Out of the two we chose BLVD. The restaurant was cute and a perfect mixture of hipster flare and southern charm. We decided to order the deviled eggs as an appetizer because who doesn’t love deviled eggs.  But let me tell you these were not your Granny’s eggs. While they were definitely lacking a creaminess the bacon and mustard seeds were a nice touch.

For my meal I went with the braised short rib, the swiss chard and the bacon parmesan brussel  sprouts. While the chard was in this red sauce that was a bit pungent, everything else was a hit. The short rib with super tender and flavored well. The sprouts are destined to make anyone a believer! Even if you aren’t a fan of brussel sprouts trust me when I say you would enjoy these. Overall I really enjoyed BLVD and will definitely be back.