The Fear of Growing Up

For the past few years I’ve been longing to reach new milestones. To me, reaching these new chapters would mean that I was growing up. I would finally be growing into an adult. I dreamed about getting an awesome job, moving out of my parents house, and becoming completely independent. In my mind, once I achieved these goals and entered into this new chapter of life, I would feel this overwhelming joy and I would be happy.

In just a few days, I will be starting that awesome job, moving out of my parents house, and starting my journey of being an independent adult. Becoming an adult means I have no choice but to take risk. I have no choice but to independently make life changing decisions on my own. Although I know my parents will still support me, it is now all up to me to take care of myself. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time now. I’m excited, but I’m also scared out of my mind.

As I prepare to make this move, I have felt every emotion possible. I’m super excited to be starting this new job and seeing my friends in Nashville, but I am also sad to be leaving my friends and family in Houston. I’m scared about the unknown, optimistic about the future, yet fearful of growing up.

I know that the gamut of emotions I have been feeling lately are just growing pains, and all pain eventually subsides. This new chapter isn’t scary, its just different. Its change. Change can be a lot to handle but eventually change becomes the norm.



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