A Look at Valentine’s Day Through the Eyes of a Late Bloomer

Valentine’s Day is a day many enjoy and several more dread. Today is a day our society has dedicated specifically to the celebration of love. But not just any type of love, this holiday has a heavy emphasis on romantic relationships. I believe that emphasis is why its one of the most cherished yet most hated celebrations of the year. Its a reminder of how beautiful love can be but also the pain that it brings.

Today some of you will enjoy a beautiful love themed dinner, be gifted tons of super sugary candy, dust prone bears, wilty flowers or engagement rings; while others will be downing a bottle of two buck chuck and watching the Sex in the City box set. But at the end of the day, everyone, whether intentional or not, will take a moment to reflect on their current views on love.

Well, I decided not to wait till the end of the night.

When I set out to write this post, I thought I would give you all some cynical and witty single girl exposé on the true meaning of the crazy commercial holiday. However, as I sat down at my computer I realized their are probably 34953479834.5 versions of that story already making their rounds on the interwebs. Instead, I decided to talk about Valentines Day from the perspective of someone who has never experienced it.

Now sure I have “technically” experienced this holiday. For 5 years of elementary school I was guaranteed at least 15 Valentine’s Day cards, and for the last 26 years at least a card from my parents. But I have never had a Valentine of the romantic kind. When I ask myself does that make me sad the answer is, not really. However, it does give me an interesting view on love.

Love is a word I understand but cant comprehend. To me it is just a foreign as the words Agape, Liebe, and Amour. I recognize the words, I can translate them, but I’m at a lost for their definition. I have yet to experience it, but I am intrigued by the idea of love. At times it seems unattainable and not worth the heartache it causes; while equally being an honest and beautiful thing I can’t wait to experience. But with all that said, love is something I simply cherish.

I cherish the fact that love is something that has to be earned.

I cherish the fact that love creates everlasting memories.

 I cherish the fact that one day I will be able tell someone exactly what love means.

Most of all, I cherish the fact that love will be worth the wait

(Cue Tori Kelly’s Dear No One)

So tonight as you reflect, I challenge you to cherish love. Take a moment to think about all the sweet memories you have because of it. Valentines Day isn’t about the dinner, gifts, or lack-thereof, its about celebrating God’s greatest blessing, LOVE.


3 thoughts on “A Look at Valentine’s Day Through the Eyes of a Late Bloomer

  1. Gloria D. says:

    Very well said! I have never been big on the hallmark holiday but as a parent now, I find myself buying V-Day cards for my son to give out. It’s a nice gesture but above all the giving and receiving it’s also a way to teach him gratitude and empathy. At a tender age of five there’s nothing more important than to learn these things. no one wants to have their kids growing up to have expectations from anyone other than themselves. One day you will experience that “romantic” kind of love that will have you deep in the zone on cloud nine and you won’t even know what hit you! When it happens you’ll know it’s real and you won’t need a V-Day card, chocolates or roses that will die in days to be proven. Thanks for your posts. I really enjoy reading them!

  2. Jackie says:

    That was wonderfully written and well said. I’ve always felt indifferent about Valentine’s Day. In fact, my fiance and I didn’t really do anything special this year to celebrate. I was okay with that. Being together is enough. And you are right, love is to be cherished.

    Did you see that I mentioned you in the 20sb “compliment a blogger” forum? I think your blog is awesome. 🙂

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