Top 3 Reasons I’m Proud to be a Late Bloomer

Yesterday, as I was browsing the internet I happened to runs across this article from The Daily Illini. The article focused on recognizing and embracing your flaws. Although I read it rather quickly and skimmed some of the 600+ word essay, I couldn’t help but continuously re-read this one paragraph,

“Flaws are interesting — they make people seem more exotic, more unique. But admitting your flaws shows confidence and even a degree of maturity — and it may take some critiquing to get there.”

She’s right, flaws ARE interesting, with out them we would be Stepford Wives a.k.a boring and the same. The first step to any issue is to acknowledge that it exist, then to embrace it. But the third step, society has only recently started talking about it, is flaunting it. That’s right, flaunting the one thing that many would be embarrassed to discuss.

I am ridden with flaws most can be seen with the naked eye but the one that has troubled me for a while is being a late bloomer. No one can tell someone is a late bloomer just by looking at them. I started this blog as a way to acknowledge and embrace being a late bloomer but today I am ready to flaunt it. Here are the top 3 reasons I am proud to be a late bloomer:

1. I Have Yet to Reach My Full Potential

Every good story has a climax or peak, so do our lives. There are a large number of people in this world who hit their peak in high school or college. Life from there on out is just a downhill battle. Just like every teen movie in the 90’s its the late bloomers that are successful by the time the credits are rolling. I’m proud to be one of those people, my life is just beginning. Plus if I remember correctly its the hare that wins the race, right?
2. I Really Can’t Get Any More Awkward Than I Already Am

On top of being a late bloomer, awkwardness just seeps from my pores. I have a feeling this is a problem a lot of late bloomers probably struggle with. Should I be ashamed of my inability to thrive in social interactions? Maybe. But I realized today, I am so unfortunately awkward that it really can’t get any worse and for that I am proud. I have fully embraced being awkward. At this point its fairly comical. Just like hitting rock bottom, things can only go up from here on out.
3. I’m Not Jaded by Life

So many of my friends and acquaintance have this jaded outlook on life. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I am sure they have learned valuable lessons from the situations they have encountered. However, I’m seeing that because I am experiencing so many things for the first time my outlook is exceedingly more open-minded. Now that could also mean I am being a bit naive but I choose to be more optimistic.


One thought on “Top 3 Reasons I’m Proud to be a Late Bloomer

  1. Felix says:

    A great line: “But I realized today, I am so unfortunately awkward that it really can’t get any worse and for that I am proud.”

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